Scientists discover how to reverse ageing

If you could, would you want to reverse the ageing process?

For as long as scientists have been putting flammable things in test tubes - deep down it has always been in hope that one day humankind would find a way to reverse the ageing process.

Some call this the 'holy grail' of scientific discovery and more than one James Bond movie plot has been scripted around this exact plot.

Now, news out of Israel is that scientists there have discovered just how to do this.

'The scientists devised a novel program that uses high-pressure oxygen in a pressure chamber to reverse two key processes that stem from ageing. They were able to counteract the shortening of telomeres, which are protective regions at the ends of every chromosome, and the body's aggregation of old and poorly-functioning cells.'

Of course this news doesn't exactly mean that people will now become immortal, but rather that certain visible signs of ageing can indeed be reduced or perhaps reversed.

But some people look better as older versions of themselves - like George Clooney and Sophia Loren; so is this treatment only appropriate for those who want to recapture a time that has already pasted?

Bad news for plastic surgeons - great news for deep sea diving companies that have access to hyperbaric oxygen chambers.

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