School fees

Pay the fees and take the lessons learnt.

It's guaranteed that throughout your life you are going to continue to pay 'school fees'.

'School fees' being money that you either waste, or omit to funnel into your bank account because of inexperience, ignorance, bias, arrogance or stubbornness.

You pay the fees and take the lessons learnt.

Sometimes school fees burn a bit; but they also carry the potential to completely wipe you out.

Knowing that you will be paying them as you build and develop is lucky step #1; finding somebody to help you pay less than you would have without guidance and wise council, is lucky step #2.

Figuring out the uncertain path forward within the boundaries of your limited perspective can be very expensive and frustrating if done alone.

Rather pay a trusted, honest guide a far-smaller relative amount to walk with you along the way to help shine a light on the risks and opportunities that you would not have otherwise seen.

Paying school fees is inevitable, how much you pay is up to you.