Right now Nothing But Thieves is everything

A delightful case study in cryptic brand building.

If you were wondering about where music is at, or where it might be going - it's worthwhile checking out the British alternative rock outfit Nothing But Thieves, and their killer new track Welcome to the DCC. [hit the link to watch the track]

The single was released via a cryptic ARG in March this year, with the full studio album due in July 2023.

Now it's fair to say that British rock has suffered from quite a bit of directionless wandering over the last couple of years, but something about this band indicates a distinct trend break from that pattern.

The sound they are producing here is incredible.

It's like disco and the Sisters of Mercy had a meaningful slow dance at The Playground, while Dead of Alive was playing and this is the brilliant product of that chance encounter. It sounds like an 80's glam rock track, but with futuristic themes and modern production values that make it totally transcend the grit and grime of the traditional alternate rock genre.

Over the years this band has built up an aura and mystic that nobody knows for sure whether or not it's true; or made up. Their music and lyrics are focused on highlighting serious topics like hopelessness, struggles with mental health, the state of the world's economy and suicide. Their sound is polished and fresh and the core dynamic of the band members isn't something we've ever seen before. These guys are building a killer brand by just being themselves - and that alone, is revolutionary.

If these guys are what is starting to inspire British rock in 2023, then we are in for some very exciting times ahead.

Why do they interest us and why do we feel that this is an important indicator of change for innovators, marketers and brand builders to take note of?

Well the short answer is, that these days bands only succeed if they are able to build brands and capture a loyal and dedicated audience of fans that will support them on their tours, with album sales, merchandise and advocacy.

Paying attention to how they go about doing just that is what's of value for us.

If you want to get a better sense of where 'the mind' of a collective subculture is at - get a better understanding of what art and music is resonating with that group of people. It like seeing where a group's pain and pleasure points lie and what the current cure is for their relief.

The Nothing But Thieves journey in particular is a hellava exciting one to watch.