Quiet quitting might not be all that bad

Your job just might not be aligned to your values.

A lot of people are officially quitting their jobs - the rest are staying, but choosing to take work far less seriously than they used to.

The phenomenon is nothing new, but the 2022 term for taking it easy and coasting at work is 'quiet quitting' - doing just enough at work so as to not get fired, but not over-extending yourself at all.

What's different here is that many are taking to social media to announce to the world that they are actively 'quiet quitting'.

What's really going on is that increasingly people are starting to speak out about the absurd imbalances of life, and are pointing out just how unsustainable our work-obsessed culture is.

  • Climbing a career ladder at the expense of your health, family and sanity is stupid.
  • Giving your all to a career that doesn't really fulfil you is madness.
  • Burning yourself out for a company that doesn't have your back...well...

What needs to happen is that leadership needs to step up and have proper conversations with their staff to find out what's going on with them and try understand how they are really feeling at this point.

What amazes us is that discussion, conversation and caring for your team doesn't seem to be a ready solution that's being offered.

Talk to your people, damn it.

If your paths have drifted, then amicably call it, and more on. The last two years have been incredibly traumatic for everyone; don't just expect business as usual to magically reappear overnight.


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