Gaming developments and the size of the industry is well worth keeping an eye on if keeping a handle on where the future might evolve to is your thing.

Sony have just announced their brand new games streaming service called Playstation Now - and kicked off the announcement with yet another one of their radically creative ads.

Playstation Now will cost you $9.99 a month.

Facebook also made a gaming announcement recently, announcing the launch of Horizon - which looks a bit like the old Second Life, but you play with a VR headset. It's set to launch publicly in early 2020.

Facebook made a big investment into VR technology a couple of years ago and with interest in Facebook as a platform waning globally, Mr Zuckerberg is searching for new vehicles through which he can get eyeballs back into his network. Horizon may just be the strategic play he's been waiting for in his desire to kill two birds with one stone.