We all have options

...and options are all we have.

Whether we choose to see them, consider them, use them...or not - we always have options.

Our options are limitless - even if we can't easily see that to be the case in moments of angst.

Some of them, if chosen and acted on, will result in something better; some of them will lead to more of the same, or possibly something more challenging in the future.

Knowing what options are available and which ones to choose and act on, is what sets empowered people and organisations apart from victims.

Having the awareness that we have options and the freedom of mind to believe that the choice is ultimately ours, is what true liberty is.

Fear comes from us having a linear, single view of the future (and the path to get there) and then seeing that dream slip away as things outside of our control don't go quite according to the plan.

Confidence is created as a result of knowing what our options are and having conviction in the considered choices that we make.

If we are feeling stuck, torn, in a rut or powerless - the best thing to do is to explore what options are available. Make a list, map them out, look at the possibilities from all angles.

We all have options - and options are all we have.