Olivia Rodrigo's new video shot on an iPhone 15 Pro

The music video for "get him back!" is in fact a branded collaboration with Apple.

Gen Z pop icon, Olivia Rodrigo, has shot her latest music video for her track “get him back!” entirely on the new iPhone 15 Pro.

In collaboration with Apple, Rodrigo effectively demonstrates the remarkable capabilities of the new phone's 48-megapixel main camera.

Apple are obviously the masters of letting their products speak for themselves. Without needing to resort to a hard sales pitch, the video effortlessly demonstrates the usefulness of the new phone to a creator-obsessed audience eager to create their own content for hopeful fame and fortune.

Apple have a long history of collaborating with music stars in the creation of their videos to showcase the features of their new products.

The brand previously teamed up with Selena Gomez (iPhone 11 Pro) and the South Korean group NewJeans (iPhone 14 Pro).


Olivia Rodrigo’s New Music Video Was Filmed Completely on the iPhone 15 Pro
The video for “get him back!” off Rodrigo’s new album GUTS was filmed using the iPhone 15 Pro’s new video features and edited on a Mac.