North Face gets trolled by oil and gas industry

This story shows how much work needs to be done just getting to grips with the problem itself.

North Face is a company that wants to make a positive difference in the world.

Understanding that the oil and gas industry is a major contributor to global carbon dioxide emissions, when approached by one oil and gas company to make some North Face corporate gear for them - North Face refused.

They wanted no brand association with the industry that is responsible for causing so much environmental harm - so they turned the opportunity down.

The oil and gas industry however, were having none of it; and have since taken it upon themselves to highlight the fact that an estimated 90% of the fabric and materials that North Face uses to make its products have their origins in the oil and gas industry.


Here's Liberty Oilfield Services chief executive Chris Wright to explain:

The industry also chose to erect billboards very close to North Face's HQ publicly highlighting the hypocrisy.

Here's a funny guy reporting the story on Fox News:

What this story highlights for us is just how complex the problem of climate change is.

There is no easy, simple solution here and effective remedies need to come from global society as a collective.

Climate change is undeniably linked to the way in which modern economies are structured and measured. It's as a result of policy, culture and mindset. If you are in the business of making consumer goods - no matter how 'green' you think they might be - you are a major part of the climate change problem, as are the consumers who buy those goods (as much as I personally love the brand you can throw Patagonia into that hat as well).

This story of clear corporate irony is amusing, but also shows how much work needs to be done just getting to grips with the problem itself.

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