South African hot chocolate brand, NOMU, have some advice on how to triumph under the all new Level 3 lockdown regulations.

Some things are now allowed, this is how they suggest to navigate the current state of affairs.

Research suggests that consumers are looking to brands to bring a bit of normality back to our daily lives during these trying times. Brands that take that invitation - especially ones that can still trade at this time - will most certainly be viewed favourably.

For international readers that are unsure as to the reference to 'zol' in this video - 'a zol' is a herbal-based cigarette, popular with many South Africans, which a certain government minister recently referred to as 'something to be avoided' during the strict isolation stage of the South African covid-19 lockdown.

A local music producer turned the minister's speech on the matter into a music video, which has become quite popular online.

Thanks to Paul for sharing the NOMU video.