New Yorkers invited to ESC to Wellington

Wellington's Regional Development Agency gets New Yorkers to stop and consider an alternative future.

When you think of a Regional Development Agency typically conducting official communication work, you don't exactly expect them to produce anything that ordinary people would willingly want to absorb into their consciousness.

Then again, not all Regional Development Agencies are as forward-thinking as Wellington's Regional Development Agency who commissioned this innovative street activation in NYC.

They also managed to sign off on a website that doesn't look like it was made with some free, plug-and-play software. Unlike 99% of government communication, you can actually make sense of what they are trying to offer, which is almost unheard of.

As always - it's easy, when it comes to communication, to tick a box.

Hire the agency, have a presence on social media, get a website - tick, tick, tick.

Having the collateral doesn't mean it's effective or doing the job that it was intended to do. Anybody can commission work to be done, few can actually get across a message that touches somebody and gets them to act.

[thanks Sean Loots for the tip]

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