New questions of old problems

New year - new questions.

“The ultimate hidden truth of the world is that it is something we make. And could just as easily make differently." – David Graeber

Hopefully 2023 is the year that we are inspired / compelled to ask new questions of old problems.

It will soon be a new year, but for most there will be nothing new about the challenges that have consistently been carried over from years that have long passed by.

Old issues, however, have a tendency to stick around even when the numbers on top of the calendar are different, because we don't give ourselves fresh permission to ask new and different questions of those legacy issues.

What if we decided to pull out all of those old festering problems - the ones that make us feel anxious, keep us awake at night and limit our joy - and explore them in brand new ways?

What if we decided to actively suspend our old assumptions as to what has / is causing them, and rather look at them from a new point of view?

What questions have never been asked of these problems before?

Where might a new answer come from that has never been tried before?

What is hiding in plain sight, that everyone is overlooking, that needs to be highlighted and considered further?

There are lots of old problems that lurk and linger and flourish just below the surface that are left year-in-and-year-out to continue to stunt our future potential because we have given-up trying to resolve them.

It's not that there are no more decent new questions available to pose, but perhaps at that time - feeling disheartened, hope was in short supply and our creative energies evaporated.

May 2023 then be a new year of new questions.

You really couldn't ask for better.