Move the crowd damn it

What does great marketing really look like?

As a marketer, I've always looked to musicians, and certain bands in particular, for inspiration.

Bands are brilliant case studies in good marketing because they represent a unique combination of creativity, theatre and talent (which all comes together in what ultimately is their product) and they offer that product, live, right in front of their customers.

If they suck, they play to a empty venue - if they rock's obvious.

Case in point, here's German heavy-metal outfit Rammstein offering their modest performance product to a packed Madison Square Gardens in New York City in 2010.

What do you notice? What can you learn?

This is what marketing success really looks like if you were ever wondering.

A unique, engaging product, pitched to the right audience under the right conditions = some kind of magic.

This is what 'customer-centricity' should produce, this is really what any marketer should be aiming for.

If your business really was this one-on-one with your customers how would you show up? What kind of product would you offer to hopefully get the same kind of reaction?


If you had to run things like a DJ at Tomorrowland
Give your customers what they want and they’re going off their faces right in front of you.