If you had to run things like a DJ at Tomorrowland

Give your customers what they want and they're going off their faces right in front of you.

Almost every company will tell you that they care about their customers, but then when you ask them about their long-term strategy their entire focus is just on themselves.

Most companies are self-obsessed.

It's all about what profit they can make, innovation that they want to bring to the market. Their attention is inward, with very little regard for whom they are creating value for.

When you measure your success based on the favourability of your financial statements, rather than the reaction of your customers - you're already on the path to self-destruction.

Here's a simple example to illustrate:

The DJs that perform at major music festivals like Tomorrowland are also giving their customers value - in the form of a set that they deliver in front of a massive audience.

Give your customers what they want and they're going off their faces right in front of you.

Disappoint them and you'll never be invited back to the gig ever again.

The most popular DJ's command the highest fees; the shitty ones live with their parents.

The aim of every organisation that sells value to customers should be as focused on the reactions and behaviour  of their customers as the Tomorrowland DJ's are to the feedback they get in real-time from the crowd.

That's the real metric of business success. It's not about you - it's about what you create in others.

Making your customers feel loved, valued, special is your purpose. If you achieve your purpose in the right way, the outcome is a reasonable profit.

It seems so obvious that it's almost embarrassing to write, but weirdly enough finding a company that actually displays and actions this kind of customer-first mindset is very rare.

In fact it's so rare - that in general customers genuinely believe and accept that a big company will always try and screw them.

Banks, insurance companies, airlines, car dealerships do not operate on the principle of putting the customers best interests first.

When last did you hear an interview with a CEO where all they spoke about was how they are only focused on creating huge value for their customers?

Instead they put their shareholders first, the CEO's exorbitant salary is more important than a better solution for customers, growth, costs etc etc. A millions things come before the customer, which is exactly why there is such an opportunity for those who actually do.