"Come on - I'm buying you a beer"

It's just not the same over Zoom.

'Let's grab a beer' is the Anheuser-Busch Super Bowl LV commercial, directed by David Fincher, that goes to the heart of basic human connection, that has taken a serious toll during all of these lockdowns.

Many learned academics suggest that all of this social distancing that we have all been diligently practicing, has taken a serious toll on levels of business creativity around the world.

Creativity flows when people socially connect; when we banter with one another, when we bond over a coffee - or a beer.

It's just not the same over Zoom.

Apart from the obvious knock to livelihood and the ongoing sustainability of many businesses  - we wonder how many brilliantly creative ideas and new business opportunities have not been had because people haven't been able to meet up for a beer?

How many innovations haven't been thought up because colleagues were not able to banter with each other while playing a game of foosball?

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