Brand partnerships and licensing really are at an all time high. It seems that 'better together' is the mantra that big brands are chanting with an eye to unlock new avenues of growth.

One of the more unusual collaborations must surely be the recently announced Le Creuset & Star Wars mash-up, which will see the legendary homeware brand offering things like a limited edition Darth Vader dutch oven, R2-D2 cooker, a Han Solo in carbonite roasting pan, and a “hand-painted, special-edition Tatooine™ Round Dutch Oven.

If I'm honest, these are not exactly two brands that I would have automatically imagined would be a good fit together, but sometimes innovation takes one on interesting and intriguing journeys.

Might be a good idea just to buy one of the items and keep it in the packaging for a few years as a collectors item that could well increase in value over time - along with your original 'Rocket launcher Boba Fett doll'.

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