Indie brand rise

Storytelling | Purpose-led | Media | Digital distribution

OMG there literally has never been a better time in history to build a kickass brand than right now.

We're busy doing a bit of research on indie running brands and getting some serious FOMO that we can't become card carrying members [right now] of some of these new running-focused brands that are popping up around the world.

So what's changed to make us say that there has never been a better time?

How can we put this?

It's the merging of embedded, honest storytelling with super-high photography and film production values, leveraged by financially accessible public distribution platforms.

Also - bigger companies have done such a great job of focusing solely on profit, exploitation of the environment and worker's rights that it's opened up a growing market segment who are actively looking to support purpose-led brands that are founded on solving real problems and producing products that support people rather than just milking them for their money.

Also by focusing on great design and the quality of fabric, indie brands offer an alternative the bigger counterparts will struggle to match.

Beautiful is the word.

Four things are key here:

Storytelling | Purpose-led | Media | Digital distribution

It truly is an exciting time for independent brands to make the mark and differentiate themselves from the same-old, same-old that big industry spews out there.

The trick is knowing what to focus on and being relentless in pursuit of it.

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