Everyone is DTC

DTC is the future - and should businesses fail to see that, they're missing out.

There has been a lot of talk and debate about how the pandemic has changed the face of business; accelerating certain trends and killing off brands that were sadly severely negatively affected by lockdowns.

If there is however one innovation that every single business in the world should be seriously exploring with great gusto and furious vigour – it's DTC.

To the casual observer, DTC is perhaps nothing new, it's in many ways a new slant on e-commerce.

But that's where the casual observer is so very, very wrong.

Not since the dawn of independent media in the early 2003's has such a massive opportunity been presented to businesses. An opportunity to build closer relationships with customers and cut out arrogant and abusive retailers who happily take their margin while at the same time punching their supply chain in the face.

For large brands (like Nike) and small brands (like Tracksmith)  alike, DTC holds the promise to solve these issues.

For us - the biggest shift that DTC offers brands is a complete 180-degree swing from having an old business mindset that is product-focused, towards rather adopting a customer-centric perspective.

The customer becomes the hero - your business, a partner.

For this reason, DTC is NOT simply an innovative route-to-market.

Having a well-constructed DTC strategy means that your new focus is on building a compelling customer journey, having a clear jobs-to-be-done understanding, using data and data insights strategically, deploying innovative marketing techniques, and building a valuable brand narrative that inspires long-term membership, rather than simply offering a mundane loyalty program.

DTC is the future - and should businesses fail to see that, they're missing out.

It's a strategy that shifts the power back into the hands of the value creator and builds long-term relationships with a customer base that chooses to be loyal no matter the price point.

If you are needing guidance on your DTC strategy - unsure as to where to start or require advice as to what tools and methods are the most effective - then please get in touch with us.

We have a network of (ex-Yuppiechef and Devil's Peak Beer Company) DTC specialists and practitioners that are very keen to offer recommendations and add value to your plans.

We specialise in helping clients with contextual environment and marketplace analysis, developing a company-wide DTC customer-centric mindset, performance-driven digital strategy development, customer journey mapping, content strategy, customer dashboards and data analytics; and ways to develop profitable long-term relationships with the right customers.