How to take something in your mind - and make it real

According to Es Devlin.

If you don't know who Es Devlin is - then go hang your head in shame.

She's not just a world-renown British stage designer, she is a 'manifestor of the imagination'.

She's worked with the biggest names in music, fashion, and theatre to create some of the most incredible visual experiences in the world.

Now she has a new Masterclass - teaching how to turn constructs of the imagination into art.

"We should be part of a world where we aren't defined or diminished by narrow labels but can instead continue to grow and learn throughout our careers."
"In my class, I will help members turn their ideas into something they can hold in their hand and encourage those that might meet a fork in the road and don't know which path to take to take both, and then take both again."

If in any way you are interested in communication that moves a huge audience - then this is certainly the course for you.