Music is an art form that demands a holistic experience to be fully appreciated.

If you really want to get the full experience of an artist, you really have to be at their show - watching and listening to their talent live.

But technology has made music performance scalable and marketable to a larger audience - the downside is that this higher level of distribution has had a devastating effect on the product itself and has largely redefined the music industry into something that isn't really music anymore.

In this short documentary [video link], legends of the music business talk about how technology has ruined an entire industry and express their collective frustration that modern music-lovers are none the wiser.

Our modern consumer paradigm is heavily bias towards quantity and unlimited choice over quality. We have conditioned ourselves to believe that a reproduction of reality is reality itself. It's a bit like living life through the lens of a TV screen and thinking that this is real life.

The reality is that the modern music industry is designed to make money, not share the joyful experience of the music itself. So when the system is designed for a purpose other than delivering the best quality music for music lovers to enjoy - you get what we have now.