Look - Prof Tim Noakes has been going on about this for years now so this really shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who has listened to his theories. But increasingly we are realising that the further we remove ourselves from nature and the ancient human hunter / gatherer lifestyle that our bodies are adapted to living - the sicker, more depressed, weaker and disease-prone we become.

One of the main reasons for this is that our modern, urban landscape and obsession with sterile surfaces and homogenous diets is killing the rich, diverse microbiome that we so desperately need to operate a well-functioning immune system.

Knowing this scientists are spending quality time in Central Africa [VIDEO] - more specifically with the people of the rainforests in Central Africa; to better understand their diet, how they live and to harvest their sh*t.

We focus a lot of time and effort into debating the 4th Industrial Revolution and all of the marvellous advantages that these new technologies will bring us, but ironically in so many ways our innovations are really just an exploration into finding ways to mask the symptoms created because we broke the ancient pre-industrial balance of nature in the first place.

Maybe as a continent Africa should ignore the West's demands that we tag along and follow them down the rabbit hole of their so-called new wave of technology disruption and rather unearth the sustainable route of reconnecting with nature and our delicate relationship with it.