Guess what car Jeff Bezos drives

Which celebs are immune to the power of marketing and choose to be famous and frugal.

You would think that one of the world's richest people would drive one of the world's most expensive cars.

The irony though, is that seriously wealthy people tend to want to avoid getting too much attention, so driving flashy cars then is less desirable for them than it is for a nobody who desperately what's to be seen as a somebody.

Jeff Bezos is worth $186.7 billion and drives a Honda Accord worth $24,964.

It's a modest choice clearly.

Jeff Bezos' ride.

In fact, Bezos is not an outlier in this regard, a number of very wealthy individuals choose to drive very cheap and cheerful cars.

Here's the Top 10 most frugal celebrity rides:

Our culture tends to dictate that driving a flashy car means that you are personally wealthy, but what we should be telling ourselves is that driving a flashy car is just a sign that somebody is trying to convince others that they have money.

Flashy cars are a way of drawing attention to yourself, which means that deep down there is something lacking in your own self worth that requires you to get the adoration of others by whatever means possible.

If Lewis Hamilton chooses to drive a Smart fortwo - then you know that all of that horsepower and the big price tag is nothing more than marketing hype.

Save your money, the planet and avoid making a spectacle of yourself - just drive a Honda for goodness sake.

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