Viruses don't respect borders, they don't selectively go after the poor; or stay passively contained because you close a border or cancel an event or two.

No - virus spread across the global quickly because there is not a single, effective, global healthcare system that can treat people quickly and effectively.

The irony is that it is easy for the world's developed, rich nations to import cheap goods made in poorer countries when it is seen to be economically profitable to do so, but then those same countries must also bear the risk of importing less welcome manifestations of that imbalance.

We inhabit one planet - we are all interconnected and share a common future whether we choose of have consciousness of that or not.

This is an insightful presentation by global health expert Alanna Shaikh - who really brings the point home and forecasts that unless we realise that inequality is hurting all of us, this outbreak of the coronavirus is just the first of many.

We will be forced to shift the systems that we have created. The 2020 coronavirus outbreak is perhaps the urgency we so badly need to make this happen.