Getting to the good stuff

It's a journey of self discovery.

Going beyond what is known; into the unknown - can feel like a terrifying experience.

It's human nature to want to hold on to what we already have, it feels safe. Our brains are conditioned to help us avoid danger at all costs for our own survival.

Ironically our ancient minds will also have us rather living in a damp, miserable dark cave for fear of exploring the beautiful lush green countryside outside.

So as much as our thinking is trying to save us, it's also keeping us from being our best selves. Our thinking keeps us in a hole.

How then do you get to the good stuff?

How can you push through the paralysing fear of the unknown, to journey and explore future-potential that may far exceed your present?

In a word; trust.

You need trust in yourself, you need trust in your team.

You need to wholeheartedly believe in your own ability and capabilities to figure stuff out and survive away from your dark, dingy cave.

Developing that kind of self-trust happens when you get to know yourself; and that's not just just knowing some superficial Enneagram or Myers-Briggs profile of yourself - it's the kind of bare, honest, deep self that you only really get to meet when you are literally forced to discover them out of sheer desperation. That's the kind of cordial introduction that counts here.

If you don't truly know who you are, you'll never trust yourself - and never venture beyond the cave opening.

When you do know who you are and trust in yourself, that's when you are courageous enough to embrace uncertainty. That's when you have the strength to jettison the fear of being yourself, and step boldly into your true potential.

When you've got your own back - that's when you are ready to get to the good stuff.