The future of art

Art is the sole domain of people who care about connecting with other people.

Art - 'the application of human creative skill and imagination usually resulting in the creation of an artefact.'

How much is this applied human creative skill and imagination worth?

Well Banksy takes an ordinary can of spray paint, a stencil and a woollen balaclava [all worth about $50] and turns it into a piece of art, valued at over $100k.

Banksy takes materials, available to any artist at just about any art supply shop, and transforms them into something unmistakably Banksy, creating massive financial value in the process.

Author Zadie Smith takes the same alphabet, that we know and love, and moulds new pathways of thought using creative lines of text to ask new and fascinating questions of 2020 through her art - writing.

A British music teacher simply records herself reacting to how rockstars sing on YouTube - capturing an audience of over 1 million. There's nothing fancy about the equipment she uses to make her videos, but the artefact that she creates is unique, insightful and compelling.

Yngwie Malmseen takes six electrified string, pulled taut on a wooden fretboard, and creates a noise that defies logic.

An academic educator takes standard pedagogical frameworks and weaves his own thinking and personal stories into them to create the most watched lectures ever to have been loaded onto the Internet - changing how the world looks at education forever.

This is all art.

Only humans can produce art, because art carries meaning; art projects emotion that resonates with other human beings.

Machines are not able to make art, nobody cares about the feelings programmed into artificial intelligence.

Art is the sole domain of people who care about connecting with other people.

The future of art? The future is art.