Fashion goes freestyle

Just give yourself permission to fool around a bit more.

The fashion industry can be accused of being a tad formulaic.

Even the bigger brands tend to follow the same recipe year-after-year when it comes to launching a collection - usually through an event / show on a ramp with loads of people in the audience and banks of photographers.

Innovation in this space doesn't necessarily happen very often.

But lockdown has served as a forceful mentor to innovators - and some in the fashion industry has leaped at the opportunity to deconstruct their fashion show formula.

Études N°18 - Spring Summer 2021

French brand, Études, launched Paris Fashion Week with this stripped-down, street fashion show featuring models walking around Paris in clothes that kinda looks like something we might even wear.

While another Parisian outfit, BLUEMARBLE, also took to the urban landscape to shoot a short film showcasing their new products for the season.

Fashion, and luxury fashion labels in particular, are all about great, forward-thinking branding.

Lockdowns have offered brands a special licence to break the rules and try something new, but we don't need to rely on a pandemic to force the hand of creativity anymore.

Just give yourself permission to fool around a bit more - lockdown or no-lockdown.