Duran Duran are back with an innovative AI-created music video

Featuring ghouls, monsters and a wild menagerie of otherworldly Halloween characters.

The 80s pop legends, Duran Duran, are back with a new album.

"Danse Macabre" will be released this Halloween (October 27), but as a little teaser, the band have unveiled the music video for the title track.

The video was created using the latest AI-powered tools.

Featuring ghouls, monsters and a wild menagerie of otherworldly Halloween characters, "Danse Macabre" is an imaginative immersion into an alternate universe of scary.

The fantasy theme also works well because Simon Le Bon (lead signer of the band) is now in his mid-60s; so perhaps not coming across on film quite as fluffy and pert as he did 40 years ago.

The technology used in the video also allowed the group to create a fairly decent animated film in a fraction of the time (and cost) that it would have taken previously; and without an army of film crew.

Music videos are still a very important component in any band's 'promotional mix'. Now that they can be produced faster and cheaper thanks to technology, this could just be the beginning of a new, exciting renaissance in branded video content creation.

On top of that - it's nice to have Duran Duran back making music and films for a new generation to enjoy.


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