Drinks without the drink

Giving something the 'mindful treatment' is a useful way to look at how you might innovate.

Drinks without the drink

Beer without the alcohol isn't too bad.

It's obviously not beer - you're not going to get arrested and spend the weekend in jail for having a few and then driving yourself home, but it comes in a beer bottle and tastes pretty damn close to the traditional thing.

The market for 'drinks without the drink' has exploded and the quality of the products in the category is constantly improving.

Much like the market for 'meat without the meat' - the demand for mindful food and beverage products that carry less of the consequences associated with the traditional product, but still deliver the experience and social occasion are growing exponentially.

People don't necessarily want to stop enjoying something entirely because of the consequences associated with it, they just want the option of a more mindful version.

Giving something the 'mindful treatment' is a useful way to look at how you might innovate and it's not just applicable to consumable products.

Could petrol and diesel be given the mindfulness treatment?

Could insurance products do with a mindfulness make-over?

How can governments consider how their work could be done in a more mindful way?

Industry now has the technology available that is allowing it to tread lighter on the earth, and people are increasingly choosing this option.

The 'drinks without drink' trend is here.