Dating app exclusively for Tesla owners

Cause how else where they going to meet somebody?

Q: How do you know that somebody owns a Tesla? A: That's the first thing that they'll tell you about themselves.

Knowing this, and understanding how totally annoying that must be for singletons attempting to go on dates with Tesla owners - a dating app is being marketed exclusively for Tesla drivers.

The idea is that Tesla owners can then avoid the pain of wasting their time with other members of the human race (commonly referred to as 'ICE*-heathens' within the tight community)  that simply don't understand their morbid love affair with their overpriced EVs.

One wonders if there will also be a similar app developed exclusively for Tesla shareholders too - so that they can gloat over their temporary riches, and throw scraps of half-eaten food to the everyday pheasants below.  

Exclusive dating app for Tesla owners is not a joke (maybe)
Elon Musk stans, this one’s for you.
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