Committed to the future of South Africa?

If not - shut up.

A lot of big corporations and institutes in South Africa are seemingly very concerned about the future of the country.

Their solution to the country's challenges are simple and well-known; promote the viability of small business and create jobs.

Their leaders say all the right things on all the right forums. It's great PR and sounds wonderful.

But when it comes time to paying smaller contractors and service providers for their work - they delay, and stall, and ensure a nightmarish struggle for money for their smaller suppliers.

This kind of bullying tactic is a fun game between giants, but kills a smaller operator.

Talk is cheap for big business, true impact lies in enabling bahaviour.

Corporate South Africa - if you want really want to ensure that entrepreneurs flourish and jobs are created in South Africa, pay your suppliers (especially the small ones) quickly and without hastle.

When you are committed to supporting the development of the economy yourselves, then you earn the right to showcase your fancy solutions in the press.

It's that simple.