Change is a part of the twists and turns and re-routings of life.

Things can stay the same for a long time, until one day they don't - and a change happens.

Change in the moment is fleeting, over time it can have a significant effect on many other aspects of life.

We judge change as being either good or bad depending on what we believe to be true, but even small changes can create a series of knock-on effects into the future that can be quite unexpected.

What we considered unfavourable at the time can turn out to be personally very positive over time; and visa versa.

Losing your job might be painful at the time that it happens, but leads you to find your real passion in life that rewards you in so many other ways.

Winning the lottery made you lose your mind with excitement the day that it happened, but caused the breakdown of your marriage and the heartache of a messy divorce.

Change is a part of the twists and turns and re-routings of life.

Some of it can be anticipated, some of it comes as a complete surprise, but all journeys offer us the opportunity to experience a lot of it; it is the constant that we can rely on.

What is important is to not get too comfortable walking one particular path, thinking that it will go on like this forever.

Change is guaranteed to be waiting for you up ahead, welcoming you to take a new trip to see and experience new things in your life. Embrace the anticipation of it.