Cardi B's WAP shows that parents will always disapprove of today's youth

Ever since the days of Elvis, parents have strongly disapproved of 'the music choices of today's youth'.

Ever since the days of Elvis, parents have strongly disapproved of 'the music choices of today's youth'.

In my day it was Gun & Roses and Nirvana, before that it was the outrageous behaviour of Madonna and Cindi Lauper.

Queen was a target, Led Zeppelin apparently turned fans into experts on occult sacrifice and only anarchists listened to The Doors.

Now conservatives and parents around the world have a new focus for their disapproval...Cardi B.

The US rapper is breaking records with her new track, WAP, that has also now become a huge hit on TikTok.

Male rappers have for decades created hit tracks that use foul language and outrageously sexually suggestive lyrics, but now that a black woman has created an equally culturally-robust hit song – the world of 'those that know better' have painted Cardi B with the same brush that was used to point out those that were to be burnt at the stake in the 16th century.

But like the philosophers of Roman and Greece civilisations - today's rappers can be seen as artists who are pushing our cultural boundaries out, just a bit beyond our collective comfort-zones.

They're asking those questions that most of us would dare to pose in polite company. They're painting visual fantasies of cultural norms that are not necessarily seen on a daily basis.

'Cause let's be honest, even in 2020 - it's still not the norm for a woman to feel empowered enough to use foul language while grinding her hips on the floor and demanding sexual subservience from a man.

If Cardi B is not to your taste - then ignore her.

Tune out.

Or maybe you would prefer something a little tamer?

Maybe you'd enjoy Blackpink's new track featuring Selena Gomez called 'Ice Cream' (which is going to be an absolutely massive hit this summer for sure).

It's the same message - just a bit more palatable perhaps.

But don't be a hater - let the kids have their fun; it an important part of pushing the world forward.


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