Building a brand by stamping on the faces of giants

How to take your frustration with a big brand to a whole new, profitable level.

Do you remember Apple's iconic 1984 ad?

Yes, of course.

This was from the time when Apple was a tiny, nobody-cares, challenger computer brand that was audaciously taking on 'the Goliath of computing' that was IBM in the emerging personal computer market.

Some would argue that this bold public statement by Apple was the mental catalyst that set the company on the path to become the world's biggest, most-valued, most-arrogant corporate behemoth that it is today.  

Jump forward to 2020 - and it is with a huge slice of delicious irony that Fortnite [the massive, online, global gaming phenomenon] is now using Apple as their 'Goliath in modern technology', to highlight Apple's abuse of power in their latest ad.

Oh, how the tiny have grown.

In our humble opinion, all brands need an enemy...a target...something to shoot at.

How lovely it must be to have such a smug and creatively aspirational enemy to fire sneaky shots at - nice work Fortnite, we look forward to watching this one play out a bit more.