Best Super Bowl ads of 2020

These are the Super bowl 2020 ads that caught our eye

With 30 seconds of airtime during the Super Bowl this year costing US$5.6 million and nearly 100 million cash flush Americans glued to their TV in eager anticipation for your rock 'n roll ad - brands are under extreme pressure to deliver the goods if they are going to take part.

These are the ads that caught our eye so far...

Amazon must have spent a small fortune on this one advertising their personal spying device - otherwise known as Alexa. It's big budget advertising arrogance in all of its glory.

Porsche have done well to subtly remind us all that Elon Musk and his merry band to geeks are no match for the esteemed heritage of the Porsche brand. Get production here.

Budweiser decided to get involved in political discourse (a very unusual thing for brands in the US to do) and remind America what makes them great. Poor taste in beer really shouldn't be one of them.

Microsoft continues with their strategy of telling great stories in their ads. This year they share the inspiring story of Katie Sowers who is a coach for the San Fransisco 49's and the first female coach ever to be involved with a Super Bowl. It really doesn't have much to do with Microsoft, but it's a great story all the same.

Oh yeah, it's a tear-jerker from Google. Great use of emotional storytelling from the tech giant; now if they can just respect their customer's privacy.