Beats by Dre could only have been created in the USA

Beats by Dre headphones are pitched as 'sneakers for your head', the brand is the love child of Jimmy Iovine and Apple.

America's #1 export is their culture.

Go anywhere in the world and Coca Cola, Air Jordans and Mac Donalds will be on every street corner.

What powers this success, more than anything else, is the world's love affair with American stories.

Those tales of rags to riches success, the characters of American rock and pop music, the celebrities we all see at the movies.

American brands are by far the strongest and most valuable in the world, because American culture is premised on the concept of compelling storytelling.

Beats by Dre headphones are no different.

Pitched as 'sneakers for your head', the brand is the love child of Jimmy Iovine and Apple.

It was created through partnerships between celebrities and manages to sell a pretty average pair of headphones for a huge premium to people who's deepest desire is to stand out and be cool.

The brand perfected the art of influencer marketing long before it was a thing.

Could this have worked if it had come out of any other country? I personally doubt it strongly.

Which is why Warren Buffett always says; "Don't bet against America".

It's not that America is technically better than any other country, but they sure as hell can sell you a good story and that's far more powerful than some technical knowhow.

Here's the interesting story of how Beats by Dre became so successful: