Are you going to make your team sit in an office ever again?


If there is one major thing that we are all questioning as a result the lockdowns over the past year - it's the office.

For many professionals, the lived experience of successfully working from home during the pandemic has now created a new mindset where many professionals would prefer to never go back to the office ever again.

Is there still a valid argument for requiring your team to spend hours every day sitting in traffic just so that they can sit in an office?

Can you really still insist that your employees need to show up physically at the office everyday to do their work?

What will you do if your best talent refuses to return to the office?

Some argue that there are significant benefits for business to have your staff sitting in an office, because of the positive effects of 'knowledge spillover' that happens when people candidly share ideas with each other while not doing their work.

While others say that new technologies and systems have improved so much over the past year that you can actually now run a very successful, innovative business, with a distributed staff corp, entirely virtually.

If you're a bums on seats kind of business - you might need to go on a serious hiring drive soon if your best employees decide they'd rather stay at home. Otherwise you're going to need a bloody good reason to haul everyday back to a rigid 9-5 way of working again.

Either way - you're going to have to dedicate some time to strategise your approach here.

Just assuming that everyone will willingly jump at the chance to head back to the office soon would be a serious error of judgement.