2020 - the year that was

Google's Year in Search 2020

If you think about it deeper than just the obvious superficial reaction we will all automatically feel obliged to blurt out when somebody says the number '2020' - the year 2020 was a remarkably enlightening one for the world.

We realised how much we like to be around each other (even introverts hated the idea of self-isolating), we acknowledged that we largely take our freedoms for granted, we breathed a collective sigh of relief when a B-grade American TV star wasn't given another chance to make more of a fool of himself, and his country; and marvelled at the groundswell of support throughout the world for a just social movement that really does feel decades beyond when it should have happened.

Transitioning is often accompanied by chaos, pain, torment and angst, but that is how we as a society grow and imagine 'what could be' anew.

The new year will not bring about a magical moment, where 2020 disappears and a marvellous and delightful 2021 blissfully emerges from the ashes; we will drag much of this year into the next.

But the journey of the emergence of our global spirit continues, just with new stories, and different things to be forever curious about and search for answers to.