Change is all around us and in case you hadn't noticed, it's happening faster than ever before.

What are the major factors that are creating pressure on this change that we see around us?

I've listed 10 factors of change that are increasing and 10 factors that are decreasing - all of which can be considered as a set that are affecting the future.

The 10 factors of change that are increasing:

  • Stress & anxiety
  • Competition
  • Consumer expectations
  • Need for innovation
  • Value of collaboration
  • Pressure on the environment
  • Technological change
  • Human populations
  • Migration
  • Complexity  

The 10 factors that are decreasing:

  • Patience
  • Trust
  • Attention spans
  • Relevance of traditional institutions
  • Predictability
  • Business models
  • Margins
  • Social harmony
  • % Yield
  • Safety

Projecting these factors into the future

Most organisations are starting to think strategically about 2021 and beyond.

As a part of these meetings it is always useful to consider these factors as a kind of 'futures lens' through which you can look at your business and the strategic plan that you are considering - to see how it holds up under conditions of increasing / decreasing change.

How does the plan hold up against increases in the level of competition from local and foreign entrants in the future?

How does your plan hold up against the decreasing relevance of traditional business models in the future?

Knowing that consumers are trusting institutions and business less and less - if you project that decreasing trend into the future, how does your marketing strategy holds up in the face of that change?

Increasing & decreasing factors affecting change is a simple exercise that can help make your strategic thinking more robust and considered.

Passing your plan through the factors gives it, at the very least, a more forward-orientation than if you had to simply ignore the change that is happening all around us.