Yeti Collections | Inspired By True Events

How Yeti is taking on Stanley.

The best creative concepts are those simple ones that seamlessly connect the story-rich advertising execution directly to the hero-product range showcased in the ads.'s a super example from American outdoor brand Yeti; something they are calling 'Color Inspired By True Events™'.

The New King Crab Collection

If ever we had a guilty, reality-TV binge-watch - The Deadliest Catch was it. Sure every episode was almost a carbon-copy of the previous one, but there was something about watching gnarly crab fishermen fight the relentless elements of the Bering Sea that we found somehow compelling.

Inspired by the stories and colours that dominate this landscape, Yeti have created a related range of products that are for sale directly on their site.

How cool?

Yeti Rescue Red

Orange not your vibe, but you like the idea of owning a cooler box in rescue red?

There is something unbelievably rad about people who risk their lives to help others. Whether they work for Sea Rescue, Wildfire services or saving lives people's lives on the icy slopes, the enigma of the rescue crew is an enduring legacy from childhood that sparks deep emotions for a lot of us.

Hold me...

The Agave Collection

Inspired by those that harvest the Agave plant (a type of Mexican Aloe) by hand this collection is perhaps more suited to those who don't really want to be easily spotted in the wild (i.e. hunters, bird watchers...and people who like to spy on their neighbours in the back yard, while drinking cold beer).

Purists would probably call this colour 'teal', but to us it looks like Land Rover green.

We love the depth and rawness of the stories that Yeti showcases. Brands often produce content that looks way too over-processed for our liking, so it's refreshing to see visuals that look so dark. Remember that we live in an AI-enabled world now; so the more gritty and real you can get your footage to look, the more authentic and human your audience will perceive it to be.

Yeti makes stuff for people who skin a dead animal with a Bowie knife as a way to unwind so they sell stuff in a way that doesn't come across as if they're selling anything. They simply 'make a range available' to fans.

What's the strategy here?

Of course the big challenge for Texas-based Yeti is coming from Seattle-based Stanley; with 60% of their annual revenue generated from selling tumblers and Quencher-type drinking paraphernalia, adding more fashionable colours like this (that will hopefully appeal to a younger, female audience) while still keeping the brand in-line with its 'rugged outdoor vibe' is what they are trying to achieve here.

It's almost certain that the Stanley-hype will dramatically fade in Q1 / Q2 of 2024; and when that happens, Yeti will be banking on picking up sales on the second wave of sippy-cup hype thereafter. Why showoff a pink Stanley when you can drink your lunchtime Oros from a $30 Yeti STACKABLE MUG WITH MAGSLIDER™ LID in Rescue Red?


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