Scientists are pretty convinced that our reality is a hallucination – and when we agree on what our collective hallucinations are…we call that reality.

So following on from that logic, if we can collectively agree on a future hallucinogenic vision today – we are effectively actively agreeing on co-creating our collective future.

As they say, nothing is more powerful than a compelling story that everyone believes to be true. So our experience of  the future then – the only place we have power to affect the change we want – is dependent on the stories that we collectively choose to believe.

This little mental exercise in logic should make you hugely optimistic about the future, but at the same time rather despondent.

For it is easier for a whale to swim through a child’s swimming tube, than to change the mind of somebody who doesn’t want to have their mind changed.

Anil Seth – professor of Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience at the University of Sussex – explains this in more detail during his recent TED talk.

This is one of the reasons that inspiring leadership is so vitally important for a prosperous society. If your chief storyteller is inspiring a future hallucination which is not a positive one for your society, then that future reality will certainly be created.  

Sadly politicians in the modern age have just become glorified managers and administrators. What we really need are inspiring orators and creative storytellers who can paint a vivid picture of what could be that fires a nation up to their full potential.