Where are all the bold marketing ideas?

Why is everyone so afraid?

Is it my imagination or has the discipline of marketing becoming increasingly 'safe' and boring?

What has happened to all of the bold promotional ideas?

Where are the new alternate reality gaming concepts, the fresh crop of 3D projection mapping ideas, the flash mobs, the beach take-overs, the guerrilla gardening stunts and the big risky shit that come with no guarantees?

Why is everyone hiding behind paid social media, PPC, pre-rolls and other overcrowded, creatively mundane choices?

Are marketers too scared to take creative risks these days? Is the idea really just to keep brands safe and afraid of driving things forward?

There has been a lot of buzz around just how aimless and lacking in inspiration ad showcases like the Loeries has become. I lost interest in the Loeries years ago - so I can't say that I can offer an informed opinion on something that I have zero interest in, but I'm not surprised by the criticism, in general there hasn't been much in the way of exciting creativity for some time now to even feature on this site.

I see that the British brand Burburry saw the opportunity that a weak rand and a lack of competition opened up, to come to the Western Cape and turn an Overberg farmer's field into their trademark check using nothing by indigenous flowers.

Burburry turns a Western Cape farmland into their trademark check using indigenous flowers

Not the most groundbreaking idea in the world, but it's a hellava lot more daring and interesting than a nauseating YouTube preroll.

Where are the local brands using our landscapes and cities to make bold statements?

Where's Nando's, where's MTN, where are the banks, what's happened to Woolies? It's a yawn a minute; somebody please wake them up.

Burberry Landscapes | Burberry® Official
Journey to South Africa’s Cape Overberg region and El Hierro in the Canary Islands to discover the latest iteration of our Burberry Landscapes series.