What opportunities might the Metaverse open up for business in the future?

Forget what the egotistical billionaires are telling you to believe and think about it for yourself.

Ah... the Metaverse - with all of the hype attached to the term, it's not easy to make an informed, strategic judgment as to what real opportunities this new technology will offer business in the future.

As is the case with many new technologies, and their commercial applications, the trick to leveraging the potential opportunity that they may offer...is timing.

Pull the trigger too early and you can waste a lot of money on an idea that just isn't viable as yet; wake up too late and you're spending too much just trying to catch up.

Timing is everything.

But before you get your trigger finger warmed up in eager anticipation, it's important to know what it is you might be aiming for.

The Economist have a great segment on how the Metaverse + business may interconnect that's certainly worth the time to watch:

A recent development that I found intriguing is that NVIDIA, in collaboration with Lockhead Martin, are building a virtual digital twin of the entire planet Earth.

NVIDIA's metaverse platform is called Omniverse and 'is an extensible software platform for 3D simulation and collaboration. It’s a bit like a game engine, though the company isn’t keen on the comparison.'

“Omniverse is very different than a game engine,” said NVIDIA’s larger-than-life CEO, Jensen Huang, at GTC 2022, the company’s annual conference. “Omniverse is designed to be datacenter scale, and hopefully someday, planet scale.”

The take out

Context matters here so you'll need to assess for yourself where and when to explore this new technology further.

Ignoring the hardcore geek-factor of the application however is useful in evaluating its true potential. Unfortunately there are too many egotistical billionaires with strong opinions on the topic weighing in on the potential of this thing to really get a true tone of what's on offer. Blocking them out and really thinking for yourself is our humble recommendation.


NVIDIA Omniverse Makes the Biggest Digital Twin on Earth
NVIDIA and Lockheed Martin Space collaborate to serve ocean temperatures for NOAA and forest fires for the U.S. Forest Service.