What if SXSW had an app?

Investors are excited about its potential, as are brands.

Clubhouse is the answer.

'The audio-only, invite-only, drop-in chat app is built around “rooms,” which are group chats convened by specific users around a specific topic at specific times. There are also “clubs,” or private groups, whose founders are empowered to set and enforce membership terms. The rooms, in both concept and design, bear a striking resemblance to expert panels at an industry conference.'

It's kinda like a live podcast experience with a thin layer of LinkedIn thrown in to keep it all professional. It's going to have a significant influence on the world of conferences, fireside chats, podcasting and theme-based gatherings.

Investors are excited about its potential, as are brands. We've just recently signed up - so will be checking it out over the coming days.

If you're on Clubhouse already - connect with us [@cherryflava].


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