VW win the Super Bowl

VW pulled out a winner for Super Bowl LVIII.

Well...actually the Chiefs won Super Bowl LVIII (as we said they would) - seriously, who's going to bet against Patrick Mahomes?

But VW also pulled out an absolutely frikken winner with this nostalgia-laden beauty. It was certainly the year for auto brands to show their stuff in this year's Super Bowl commercial breaks (BMW, Kia etc etc), but for us VW took the prize for most emotional-triggering brilliance.

Complete with Neil Diamond sound track (I am...I said) - this one had us tearing up just a bit. An ad that could quite easily also run here in South Africa too. BTW - Ogilvy Cape Town did not make this one; even if the signature feels incredibly familiar to local audiences.

That's our Monday sorted...it's this one on repeat.

[BTW - doesn't this ad remind you of this old South African classic VW ad?]

Shit - while we're at it (go grab the tissues) how about this old South African one featuring a spine-tingling backing track courtesy of the legendary Vusi Mahlasela.