Trends driving change for South African business 2023?

Strategic insights from the world's most respected sources, curated by Jon Cherry.

The world around us is in constant flux.

Technology developments, economics, politics and even shifts in culture are macro forces of change that can have a dramatic impact on marketplaces and consumer behaviour and how the future is shaped.

Organisations that are committed to understanding these changes better, give themselves a significant competitive advantage over those that don't at all; or are not as good at it.

According to the American Future Today Institute, organisations that make use of a formalised strategic foresight process have 33% higher profitability, outgrew their competitors by 200% and even under conditions of great uncertainty, recorded a 25% improvement in the impact and effectiveness of their strategy work.

Understanding trends, and the underlying drivers of change, is vital for designing impactful business strategies that either takes advantage of the opportunities, or mitigates the risks, that change is creating.

Good strategy work demands good strategic foresight work - the two go hand-in-hand.

Trend vs. Trendy

However, not all 'trends presentations' are created equal.

The purpose of understanding trends needs to be the generation of key insights that are translatable into an approach that is actionable, leverages existing advantages and creates some kind of measurable new value.

The quality of the underlying information that is used to inform these insights is then of great importance.

What you want is information that is strategically useful, not necessarily just 'trendy' - entertaining or motivational.

Strategic foresight - informed by the world's best

Which is why we have taken the last couple of months to rigorously synthesis information from some of the world's most credible- and respected institutions, think tanks and paywalled-news sources into a cohesive, manageable presentation package that gives you the curated strategic insights, without having to dredge through 300-page intelligence reports yourself.

It's well-researched, geographically-broad, contextually-comprehensive, sourced from multiple perspectives and compiled to be practically useful for South African business leaders.

As a primer for your upcoming strategy workshop, this high-quality trends snapshot delivered by Jon Cherry, of what should inform your thinking, is a must.

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