Tom Brady is great in ads

Yes - Tom Brady was at the Super Bowl yet again in 2024.

We really didn't want to like this Super Bowl LVIII ad for BetMGM featuring Tom Brady, but we really do like it a lot.

Maybe it's because Tom Brady is so devastatingly handsome that we are somehow compulsively drawn to the notion of this online sports betting platform. Or perhaps it's the relaxed, we-don't-really-care humour of the ad which also features Vince Vaughn that ensures that the brand BetMGM, BetMGM, BetMGM is now on a rinse-and-repeat cycle in our heads.

It seems obvious, but if you're going to pitch a betting platform to football fans with audacious promises of winning big, then who better to be a spokesperson in the ad that the best, all-time Super Bowl GOAT...Tom Brady.

Tom has not only won 6 7 Super Bowl rings, but at the age of 46 (think he's now 46) he's still in the Super Bowl.

Considering the context - this is indeed a great ad.