This Christmas Coca Cola presents 'The Note'

Coke's The Santa Stories come alive with the second film in their Christmas series.

Coca Cola have decided to put a lot into their brand storytelling this Christmas.

When one of the world's most iconic brands decides that there is a specific marketing channel that they want to explore, they go all in on it.

Which is exactly what they have done with a series of short Christmas movies made available online.

The Note (episode 2 in the series) is a heartwarming story - starring acclaimed movie actor Colm Meaney - about a grumpy old man who chooses to be less grumpy one Christmas; benefitting others and himself.

The campaign is just done so well and also seems to signal a real return to Christmas (something a lot of brands shied away from for the past few decades fear of alienating customers who do not celebrate Christmas).

Christmas 'is storytelling' - so it should be the perfect time of the year for brands to to share some of their own.

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