Think better, do better

If you improve the quality of your thinking, better, more impactful action follows.

How much time do you spend thinking constructively?

Do you have a dedicated time scheduled each day to simply think?

With so much easy access to information a lot of our thinking these days has been outsourced to modern sources of information. Often instead of doing research for ourselves we simply believe what a ‘credible source’ that we find online without actually cross-checking that information for ourselves to confirm whether or not it's accurate.

Because thinking for ourselves is so hard and time consuming - we’re generally very happy to do this - but this practice also opens up a lot of risk for us.

We rely too heavily on assumptions, we become lazy in critically reviewing all the information that we believe, and as a result layers and layers of bullshit knowledge ends up making the foundations of our worldview.

I was invited to the Humble Mind podcast to talk about this topic - here are a few snapshots of the chat with Alex Searle.

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Here's a link to the whole conversation with Alex.