The world's simplest brands

Simple brand experiences are like a breathe of fresh air in a world that champions the opposite.

The majority of brands are not that simple to deal with.

On average the lists of T's and C's are endless, the excessive signage in-store distracting and then when things go wrong...well, most are clearly not well-equipped in the customer service side of things.

Getting to simple is difficult.

Stripping away excess until you get to a pure, delightful brand experience is the work of magicians.

Knowing your brand well enough and then having the confidence to focus just on the things that are important and nothing more, takes an enormous leadership effort.

Not enough is said about getting to simple in a world obsessed with busyness, complexity and more.

What are the world's simplest brands?

Siegel+Gale produce an annual ranking of the world's simplest brands which makes for engrossing reading - and their top pick globally goes to German supermarket brand, Lidl.

In the United States the top spot goes to Whole Foods followed by US Postal Services and Lyft.

We wonder which South African brands would make up our Top 10 list?

Here are the global Top 10:

How to get to simple?

Simple brands work hard at getting some important aspects right:

  • Being transparent
  • Educating customers
  • Investing in customer support
  • Having a focus on human interaction

No real rocket-science here, but putting investment into these areas does take commitment and a belief in the value of the intangible.

For more - check out the report here.

Grocery giants Lidl and Whole Foods Market are two of the world’s simplest brands
Discover the findings of the Tenth Edition of World’s Simplest Brands and see why simpler brands consistently outperform their competitors.