The UK's most innovative coffee shops

Coffee shops are as important today as they were in the 16th century when they were regarded as 'fountains of wisdom'.

The most innovative and creative coffee shops in the UK have been announced.

A survey done by Brita Professional ranked the UK's best coffee outlets for how well they serve the needs of their customers.

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The research found customers were more likely to stay for a longer period of time if they got free refills (49%), drinks offers and promotions (37%), reward schemes (35%), food options (28%) and a dedicated workspace (24%).

Topping the 2023 list is a cafe called Skinny Dip - all-female founders, beautiful artwork, tasty beverages.

Runner up is Qima Coffee in London - a vertically-integrated coffee and food value proposition focusing on quality and a rethinking of the classics.

Qima Coffee

Baffle Haus - a combination of coffee shop and motorcycle club placed third.

Baffle Haus

#4 - Batch Baby in London

#5 - Effy Stores in London

#6 - Formative Coffee

#7 - Fika Norwich - just love their use of figurines and toys as a part of their social media posts.

#8 - Lowdown Coffee

#9 - Carbon Kopi who were originally from New Zealand.

#10 - Souli Food in London.

In a highly-competitive market these were the outlets that stood out and just scanning through the Instagram feeds has made us hungry and dreaming of a creamy, frothy mug of caffeine on this Monday morning.

Coffee by it's nature lends itself to story, theatre and exploration - far more than just a hot liquid in a flimsy paper cup.

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BRITA Professional research: 48% of coffee drinkers in UK prefer to sit in cafés over taking out if they enjoy the atmosphere
BRITA Professional research: 48% of coffee drinkers prefer to sit in cafés over taking out if they enjoy the atmosphere
Brita Professional reveals top ten ‘innovative’ coffee shops in UK
Skinny Dip in Margate was declared as the most ‘innovative’ coffee shop in the UK. According to research over half of UK adults associate coffee shops with creativity and are drinking coffee when they feel their most creative. The top ten ‘innovative’ coffee shops in the UK include: Skinny Dip…