The future of mobility in the eyes of Citroën

Why should the future of the car be all about the car?

There is a lot to envy about the car industry's culture of creatively exploring the future of the design of their products.

At the recent Shanghai Auto Show, Citroën showcased their unusual Autonomous Mobility Vision that uses something they call the Citroën Skate modular platform.

Citroen Autonomous Mobility Vision: Immersive Air
The Citroën Skate is an autonomous electric module that can be decked out with an interchangeable set of ‘pods’, ranging from personal transportation units to stores and entertainment venues.

Citroën literally suggest that 'transportation as a utility' disappears and in its place comes an infinite array of  inner city experiences that can be created and interchanged as needed.

We really like how Citroën haven't just 'future-ised' the design of the car in their thinking here, but have reimagined the purpose of the category entirely.


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